Power Strip Liberator - Now offering 3 versions!  See the new Power Strip Liberator Plus!

The Cure for Wall Warts on Electrical Power Strips!

Get full use of your power strips and UPS outlets with high-quality adapter cable. Just plug those big bulky power adapters into our cables and plug the cables into those previously unusable outlets! Have a power cord that just won't reach? Buy a handy 1 foot extension and forget about those long, tangled extension cords. Before the Power Strip Liberator you could use only 2 or 3 outlets. With the Power Strip Liberator you can use all of your outlets.


Power Strip Liberator Plus

Here is the new Power Strip Liberator Plus!

New pass-through plug

Item Number: 0637V $24.95* (5-pack) . . . Order by Phone
Item Number: 0637X $44.95* (10-pack) . .    
Item Number: 0637L $194.95* (50-pack) . .    
Item Number: 0637C $339.95* (100-pack) . .    

Power Strip Liberator Classic

The Original - Classic model

18-AWG cable for low power applications

Heavy-duty molded ends

UL Listed

Item Number: 1174V $18.95* (5-pack) . . . Order by Phone
Item Number: 1174X $34.95* (10-pack) . .    
Item Number: 1174L $152.95* (50-pack) . .    
Item Number: 1174C $290.95* (100-pack) . .    

Power Strip Liberator 2X


The 2X version!  Now you can double the use of your power strips!

10 Amp total capacity

Item Number: 0201V $31.95* (5-pack) . . . Order by Phone
Item Number: 0201X $55.95* (10-pack) . .    
Item Number: 0201L $239.95* (50-pack) . .    
Item Number: 0201C $455.95* (100-pack) .   Please contact us for 100-pack order.  
We accept for On Line Orders.
Tripplite Surge Suppressor with 15' AC Cord: This was a hard-to-find item! Fire department inspection told us that we must not use a power strip at the end of an electrical extension cord.  We searched for several months and here it is!

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