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Williams Sound RingMax Auxiliary Ringer


RINGMAX is an auxiliary ringer - and much more! It offers 16 different rings through 4 tones (pitch) and 4 frequencies (number of repeating tones per second).

Volume is adjustable up to ~95 dB SPL!

Great for people having trouble hearing the newer electronic ringers in phones. RingMax may be adjusted to provide a fairly robust medium pitch ring.

RINGMAX is designed to work directly with phone lines.

It will work behind a PBX using standard single line phones (Plain Old Telephones). Great for providing different ringing tones allowing identity to a group of closely placed phones.

Batteries included.

  Williams Sound Pricing Note: We are requested by Williams Sound to show the Suggested Retail on our web pages. .
Item Number: 0695 MSRP: $52.00* . .! . . Order by Phone