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Williams Sound PhoneMax Amplified Telephone

Improves Phone Understanding - If you or someone you know has trouble hearing phone conversations, try the PhoneMax. The PhoneMax's 25dB amplifier emphasizes the high frequency sounds that make speech understandable.

While the PhoneMax is less capable than the TeleTalker it has less buttons to push. This is a perfect phone for people with a mild to moderate hearing loss.

This telephone does not require additional electrical power.  Therefore, it is not effected by power outages at your house.

  • Big Buttons - Easy to see and use
  • Volume Control - Boosts volume up to 25 dB
  • High Frequency Boost - Makes speech more understandable
  • 80 dB Ringer with volume and tone controls to meet individual needs
  • Flashing Ring Indicator
  • Product Spec Sheet in Acrobat pdf format

    * Ground shipping by UPS is usually  $7-$9

      Williams Sound Pricing Note: We are requested by Williams Sound to show the Suggested Retail on our web pages. ..
    Item Number: 0776 MSRP: $79.00* .. .! On Line Order . Order by Phone