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Home Theater
Putting together a great home theater system can be simple. The key is pairing a good
high-def picture with engaging surround sound.  Talk to us Before you remodel, or begin a
new house design, we can advise you on options available and the pitfalls to avoid, with
planning and support from concept to that first awesome Movie Night in your
new/upgraded home entertainment center.

Why let Sousley build yours ?
The simple answer is quality.  With a custom designed component system, you'll typically
enjoy higher-quality construction and better audio performance.  We've outlined the
components you'll need below, some of which you probably already own.

Now, let's dig into the components you'll need for a complete home theater system:

A gorgeous picture is the focal point of many home theater systems.  Today's high-def TVs
offer a stunning, high-resolution picture.  Some of them also offer the 3D experience in
the comfort of your own home (a compatible 3D Blu-ray player and glasses are required).
Video sources: Blu-ray movies, high-def cable or dish broadcasts, and more

Your home theater will include HDTV programming, which delivers high-resolution video
and digital audio, video game consoles, which offer impressively crisp images and high-
impact surround sound. A home theater receiver

In order to enjoy surround sound, you'll need a home theater receiver. A receiver acts as
the control center for audio; it processes audio signals, amplifies them, and sends them
to your speakers.  Theater receivers process and amplify multichannel surround sound as
well as stereo audio.  Some theater receivers manage video as well as audio - by running
all their video signals to the receiver you can make a single video connection from their
receiver to their TV and simplify everyday use. Speakers and Subwoofer

To faithfully re-create the larger-than-life, wraparound excitement of movie theater
sound, you need at least five speakers and a subwoofer. Some people opt for six or seven
speakers and a subwoofer, so they can hear even more channels of surround sound. 
Cables, power protection, and more

Often, people forget about essential accessories. They end up rushing out to the store in
the middle of setup, or making do with a cable that isn't really suited to the purpose. The
result?  Extra hassle and a real risk of missing out on the system performance they paid
for.  We can do the planning for your ultimate system, accessories and all.  Provide the
cabling and wire management to make it all fit in to the room so even Mom’s happy with
a clean organized installation.

Universal remotes
Have you ever fumbled around with the remotes on your coffee table, and ended up
changing your TV's input when you mean to pause the movie on your Blu-ray player?  A
universal remote can really help you simplify your system - and clean up your coffee table.
Theater room furniture Finish that theater experience with lighting and comfortable
seating for you and your guests.  Let us help you with total design.  Talk to us Before you
start your remodel, or new house design, including planning and support from concept to
that first awesome Movie Night in your new/upgraded home entertainment center.
Projection & Screens
Get the latest projectors and projector screens for larger-than-life presentations, movies
& video gaming action. Churches and Presentation rooms.

Home Video, 3D Projectors, Pocket Projectors, Portable Projectors, Conference Room,
Interactive Projectors, Classroom Projectors.

Let us help you find features important to you.  Brightness:  Contrast: Technology: Lamp
Life: Audible Noise:  Warranty: What type of screen is suitable for your projection
environment?  Portable Screens, Electric Floor Rising Screens, Whiteboard & Pliable

Manual pull down Screens are the typical entry level product. They are simple, reliable,
and affordable and present a flat projection surface.

Fixed Frame Screens are generally for the dedicated home theater room although they do
find their way into commercial installations as well. Most high-end professional
installations prefer using this product line over the retractable projection surfaces. Our
diagonal sizes range from 76" to 200" for a larger than life experience.

Electric/Motorized Screens are ideal for use with a concealed projection system allowing
your media room to be used for other purposes as would be seen in a conference room,
classroom or family room. Our product comes fully assembled ready to plug and play with
all the accessories required to operate the screen. The diagonal measurements for our
electric screens range from 75" to 400" surfaces.
Home Automation, Whole House
Indoor / Outdoor Audio
Bring music to every room in your home with distributed audio systems.

We install a variety of multi room and whole home audio systems. Call us for a quote.
They provide both indoor tunes and outdoor grooves. Gone are the days of party music
blasted so loud that conversation isn’t possible while those outside of the main room
don’t get to enjoy the featured music.   Or different music in different indoor and outdoor
music zones.

Sousley Sounds whole house audio systems make your music come alive.  With
Professional Installation services.

In home consultation includes a wide range of options that suit your needs. We work
with you to handle all aspects, so that you get the best sound and look for you
investment. Our installers take pride in taking care of your home as you would, from start
to end.  Training of remotes and components  local access to technical support.

Structured Wiring
New homes, Retro and even pre-construction models can be pre wired for making your
life simple. Moving in and setting up your audio and video equipment has never been so
easy nlet us do it, you just get to play and enjoy when it’s finished.
Indoor & Outdoor Entertainment

Make listening to your favorite music at your next family gathering or party from speakers
inside and out. Weather proof materials that perform with a great sound. Speaker
placement at your request can do done with no problems. Sousley Sound is the local
dealer for SunBrite outdoor TV’s

Customized Remotes

Professional programming for all your favorite channels with the touch of one button.
You can add your best team logos or pictures in one simple remote. Have the access to all
your sports channels or set up your children’s special shows so you control what they
HD, Blue ray, 4K Video
After Blu-ray and HD DVD ushered in the age of HD and 1080p movies for the masses,
discs were beaten to 4K by streaming services like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon. While
the internet is still doing most of the heavy lifting for 4K, the Ultra HD Blu-ray
specification is finally complete which means we should see movies and players. Besides
being compatible with the 10,000~ Blu-ray discs already out, Ultra HD Blu-ray players will
be ready for high-res 3,840 x 2,160 video, "next generation object-based sound formats"
(think DTS: X and Dolby Atmos), more colors, high dynamic range (HDR) and even high
frame rate video.
Tv Mounts
Sousley Sound has the parts and equipment for a Professional installation.  Hiding the
wires and making the installation safe and secure for ease of use enhancing your
residential or professional space.
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