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Music, Paging Distribution
Muzak® - Messaging, Music, Signage & More

Do you really need a radio advertizing your competitors up the street every 15 minutes.  If
you take to long your customers may decide to try that place next time.

Muzak® is now a part of Mood Media, the #1 music provider for small businesses and
regional brands. We offer affordable and fully licensed solutions including 60+ genres of
music programs designed for all audiences and industries. Eliminate the hassle of setting
up your own music system and the guesswork of managing a playlist that’s always fresh,
connects with customers and enhances your brand personality.  Create a better
environment for customers.  Background music is a critical element of the customer
experience. Are you getting the most out of yours?  Interested in improving your
business’s music experience? Need background music or sound masking  for hippa
compliance in doctors offices, Contact Sousley Sound: today to find out more.

Projection & Screens
Get the latest projectors and projector screens for larger-than-life presentations, movies
& video gaming action. Church and Presentation rooms. Powered, fixed or Manual
deployment. Home Video, Pocket Projectors, Portable Projectors, Conference Room,
Interactive Projectors, Classroom Projectors. Let us help you find features important to

What type of screen is suitable for your projection environment?

Portable screens, Electric floor rising screens, Whiteboard & Pliable screens, Manual pull
down screens are the typical entry level product. They are simple, reliable, and affordable
and present a flat projection surface. Fixed Frame Screens are generally for the dedicated
home theater room although they do find their way into commercial installations as well.
Most high-end professional installations prefer using this product line over the
retractable projection surfaces.  Diagonal sizes range from 76" to 200" for a larger than
life experience. Electric/Motorized screens are ideal for use with a concealed projection
system allowing your media room to be used for other purposes as would be seen in a
conference room, classroom or family room.
Restaurant Communications
From Wireless Headset Microphones, and drive up order board systems.  Drive-through
systems wireless or wired.  Grill order announcement microphones, overhead music
distribution, quality wireless kits for discreet restaurant communication, wait staff pagers
by Redi-Call,  two way radios, earpieces, numerous headset styles and replacement parts.
No drive thru menu board is complete without its communication system. Make sure you
and your customer can be easily heard.
Digital Signage
Digital signage solutions are a natural fit for healthcare related industries and
organizations that are looking to improve communications throughout their professional
offices.  Ideal for waiting-room areas, lobbies, digital signage can engage, direct and
inform patients, freeing up additional staff time.  With new technological advances in
cellular broadband access, all-in-one systems, and integrated touch-screen displays,
digital signage can be easily and securely added and supported throughout a care-facility. 
It's as simple as installing a monitor, media player and software.  Information like
advertising, news, weather, video cameras, television, power point presentations, images,
logos, etc. or consider Muzak® Television with sports, news, and more.

Sousley Sound has the parts and equipment for a professional installation.  Hiding the
wires and making the installation safe and secure for ease of use enhancing your
professional image in your professional space.
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