Problem Solvers for the Home or Office

Here are a few gadgets that may really solve a problem or save you a lot of time:

Power Strip Liberator: Now offering 1X, 2X and the new Plus versions!  Do you have a lot of these "warts" making your power strip or outlets useless?  Here comes the Liberator!
Panamax 8 Outlet Surge Protector - A very thoughtfully made surge protected power strip. It can handle most plug-in transformers on every outlet. 4 outlets are switched and 4 are unswitched.
Tripplite Surge Suppressor with 15' AC Cord: This was a hard-to-find item! Fire department inspection told us that we must not use a power strip at the end of an electrical extension cord.  We searched for several months and here it is!
FloorTrak™ Floor Cable Cover - Flexible PVC protective cover for cables that run over the floor
VoiceMail Light: For anyone that subscribes voice mail service from the phone company that gives you a stuttered dial tone - this little gadget is for you!
Curl Cord Detangler: This isn't like the Sony that we had.  While we are waiting to see if we can have a better one made this is the best we can do for now!
Williams Sound RingMax Auxiliary Ringer: Offers 16 different rings through 4 tones (pitch) and 4 frequencies at up to 95dB!
10BaseT & 100BaseT Instant Network Splitters: New - We've added the 100Base-T version!  Two of these are required, one at the outlet and one at the patch panel.  If you can't wait or it costs too much to run another LAN cable this will work.
Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog: Choose from four settings: continual tranquil sounds of the rainforest, alert sound of an angry and protective watchdog, soothing sounds to alert you of a guest's arrival, and alert sounds of both the angry watchdog and a warning siren.
Hand-Held Megaphone with Whistle Function: A great little workhorse favored by swimming pool and playground supervisors. Very compact and light weight.
TOA ER-1215 Megaphone: Here is a slightly larger unit. A truly workhorse megaphone!  Can't believe that we can sell it for under $80!

We have combined experience of over 100 years in telephony, audio, video, and electronics in general. We had probably faced the same problems and found solutions for them before. We carry over 5,000 items in our inventory with virtually unlimited resources from hundreds of vendors. So, if you need a pointer or see if we can help you find something to solve a communications problems, please send E-MAIL(preferred), visit our STAFF PAGE or give us a call Toll Free (888) SOUSLEY or (888) 768-7539, or locally (509) 248-4848.

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