Audio Rentals

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We provide a wide variety of products to meet the rental needs for any sound application. 
From a small get together, to overnight outdoor events, conventions, and auctions, we can
help your event be a success.

Our audio rental selection includes:

o Speakers
o Bull Horns
o Amplifiers
o Mixers
o CD players
o Microphones
o Headsets
o Microphone stands
o Speakers
o Beltpacks
o Amplifiers
o Mixers
o Ear set microphones
o Handheld microphones
o Lavalier microphones
Presentation gear
o Wired & wireless
Communications systems
o Wired
o Wireless
o Battery powered
o Speaker stands
o Audio snakes
o Hearing Assistance systems

Sample Packages Suggestions - these are examples for illustration only. We can bundle any
combination of gear you require and save you money
Single Small Event Wireless System: Don’t get tripped up in wires. This is a single wireless
microphone system complete with speakers. Great for small to medium sized events!
Instant Party Kit! Speakers! Music players!  Get ready to rock! Make a splash.
Small Conference/Presentation Kit: Mics, Mixers, Audio, and Speakers rolled into a simple-to-
use package to highlight your conference or presentation. Good for small events.

Call us today for a quote customized to your event, or fill out the contact form:

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